Skeeter Nut Free™ Allergen Testing Protocol


  • All food shall be tested for the presence of peanut and tree nut allergens consistent with this policy. Testing will include on-site, performed by the processor/manufacturer, and lab tests performed by accredited private laboratories.
  • All ingredients are either obtained from vendors and suppliers who certify that their goods are nut free or are tested onsite for TPA prior to use.
  • Test results shall be filed by the processor/manufacturer with copies being provided to Skeeter Snacks within 3 business days following the tests completion.
  • Outside Laboratories performing nut allergen testing shall be instructed to report any positive test results within 24 hours of the result.
  • Results of all negative tests must be submitted to the manufacturer within 5 business days of the test, and to Skeeter technical within 3 further business days.
  • No Skeeter Snacks product lots shall be shipped from the manufacturing facility without documented approval of the facility QA designate and Skeeter technical designate.

Testing Details

On-Site Testing:

Each and every food production lot shall be tested. Should the food contain any “non nut free certified” ingredients, the food will also be tested after any lot change of the specific ingredient.

The on-site tests performed shall include:

  • Peanut utilizing Romer Labs AgraStrip COKA0110AS
  • Almond utilizing Romer Labs AgraStrip COKA0710AS
  • Hazel Nut utilizing Romer Labs AgraStrip COKA0310AS
  • Walnut utilizing Romer Labs AgraStrip COKA0910AS
  • Cashew/Pistachio utilizing Romer Labs AgraStrip COKA1310AS
  • Macadamia utilizing Romer Labs AgraStrip COKA1610AS
  • Brazil utilizing Romer Labs AgraStrip COKA1710AS
  • Coconut utilizing Elution Technologies Coconut Rapid Kit COCO-1011
  • Pecan utilizing Elution Technologies Pecan Rapid Kit PCN-1016
Laboratory (Outside) Testing:

Accredited Laboratories:

Romer Labs1301 Stylemaster Drive
1301 Stylemaster Drive
Union, MO 63084-1156
Tel: (636) 583-8600
Fax: (636) 583-6553

FARRPFood Allergy Research and Resource Program Laboratory
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
143 Food Industry Complex
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0919
Tel: (404) 472-4484
Fax: (402) 472-4474

Silliker, Canada Co.(University of Guelph Lab Services)
95 Stone Rd W.,
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
N1H 8J7

Outside Testing Frequency:

Food samples of each food sku shall be submitted for independent testing on the following consecutive and repeating schedule.

Test Lot #1 Lot #2 Lot #3 Lot #4 Lot #5 Lot #6 Lot #7 Lot #8 Lot #9
Peanut X X X X X
Almond X
Hazel Nut X X X X X X X X X
Walnut X X X X X X X X X
Cashew/Pistachio X
Macadamia X
Brazil X
Coconut X
Pecan X