About Us

Totally Nut Free. Totally Delicious.

Founders Dave and Pete have been friends since college. When both of their youngest children (Dave’s son Remy and Pete’s daughter Abby) were diagnosed with nut allergies, they realized that being a parent of a kid with TPAs can be complicated.

A few years ago while having lunch, Dave and Pete were discussing their frustration with the lack of nut free foods available for their kids. They were frustrated that what was safe was expensive and didn’t appeal to their non-allergic kids. They were tired of reading labels and ingredient lists, and even more tired of reminding the other parents to do so. They were frustrated that the major brands were addressing the problem with warning labels and disclaimers even while communities, schools and camps (and everywhere kids go) were mobilizing and going nut-free at a rapid pace. They realized that there was a need for a brand that was safe to serve to groups and branded in such a fun and overt way that anyone doing the shopping could make the right choice. In short, they wanted to make it a “no brainer” to be nut-free and create products that all kids, irrespective of allergy, would love.

The main difference between Skeeter Nut Free and other “allergy brands” is the focus on nut allergies. Skeeter doesn’t try to be everything to everybody and remove all allergens. By focusing only on the most prevalent, dangerous and fastest growing category of food allergens, Dave and Pete are able to create products that taste great and sell them at an affordable, mainstream price. Their goal is to make serving nut-safe snacks the default choice and to do so in a fun and inclusive way. They hope your family enjoys the snacks as much as theirs do!


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