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Skeeter Facts

Fast Facts About Skeeter

He sells his snacks to people too! Kids and adults love them.

He wants every school, team, YMCA, camp, sports stadium and amusement park to sell Skeeters.

His favorite sports are soccer, lacrosse, swimming and football.

Skeeter is an awesome snowboarder. He has a white ski jacket with a huge Skeeter logo on the back and Skeeter stickers all over his board.

Skeeter dresses up in disguises and visits the factories to make sure there are no nuts around; he even makes sure that there are no nutty snacks in the employee vending machines!

He’s always thinking about new snacks to make nut-safe. His next two snacks will probably be Skeetergrams and All-Natural Chocolate Chip minis.

His favorite movie is CARS but he didn’t think the sequel was as good.

Skeeter loves to travel. His favorite places include Miami, Dallas, Singapore, New York and Utah (for skiing!).

Skeeter has two special friends named Abby and Remy. Abby and Remy’s dads (PETE AND DAVE) helped him start his company.

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