What steps are taken to make sure that Skeeter Nut Free™ snacks are safe for people with tree nut and peanut allergies (TPA)?

We have a very strict Nut-Free Protocol. Our ingredients and manufacturing facility are tree nut and peanut free and all products are tested for TPA prior to being released for sale.

Why do you focus on TPA and not all of the Top 8 Food Allergens?

The Company was started because each of the founders has a child with tree nut and peanut allergies. Their firsthand knowledge of the danger and prevalence of TPA, the rapid growth rate, and the sacrifices in taste and affordability that families often have to make led us to remain focused tree nuts and peanuts. We believe that in order to keep those with TPA safe and included, products need to appeal to the people around them as well. By focusing on tree nuts and peanuts, we are able to make products that taste great and are affordable.

Do Skeeter Nut Free™ products contain coconut?

No. While there is controversy regarding coconut in relation to TPA, we treat coconut as a nut allergen. Our manufacturing facility and products are free from coconut. It is also included in our nut-free testing protocol.

Do Skeeter Nut Free™ products contain sesame?

No. Our manufacturing facility and products are sesame free.

Soy is sometimes listed in the allergen statement on your products. What type of soy ingredient is used in Skeeter Nut Free™ products?

We use soy lecithin as an emulsifier in some Skeeter Nut Free™ products.

Which of the Top 8 food allergens are present in Skeeter Nut Free™ products?

Our products have different allergen profiles. While all of our products contain wheat, other allergens vary by product. You can find allergen information on the specific product pages on this site and on our packaging. If you need additional information about food allergens in our products, please Contact Us.

Are Skeeter Nut Free™ products non-GMO certified?

No, they’re not.

Are Skeeter Nut Free™ products kosher?

Yes. Our manufacturing facility is under the supervision of KOF-K. Additionally, some Skeeter Nut Free™ products are certified by the OU.

What does the “Best By” date on the package mean?

The Best By date is there to inform you of the date by which we recommend eating our products in order to have a high quality experience. Because Skeeter Nut Free™ products do not contain artificial preservatives, the flavor and texture of our products may begin to change after this date.


Which of the Top 8 Food Allergens are present in your manufacturing facility?

Milk, Eggs, Soy, and Wheat are present in our manufacturing facility. Please consult the packaging for ingredients contained in specific products. If you need additional information regarding food allergens in our facility, please Contact Us.


Where can I buy Skeeter Nut Free™ products?

Our products are available at a number of retailers across the US and we’re working hard everyday to bring them to even more. Visit our Store Locator to find a location near you.

My local store doesn’t carry Skeeter Nut Free™ products. What should I do?

Download this Product Request Form and take it to the store manager at your favorite store to let them know that you’d like for them to carry Skeeter Nut Free. You can also Contact Us and let us know where you like to shop and we’ll start working to bring Skeeter Nut Free to your neighborhood.

Can I buy Skeeter Nut Free™ products online?

Skeeter Nut Free™ products are available for purchase on Amazon.

How do I get Skeeter Nut Free™ in my school, daycare, or camp?

If you’re a Food Service professional, please email our Schools Sales Team at: [email protected]. If you’re a parent or advocate, you can let the administration know about Skeeter Nut Free™, direct them to the website, and encourage them to contact us at the email address above to get additional information.


Why did you name the company Skeeter Snacks?

The Company’s founders thought it was a cool name that went with the character that they had in mind. When their kids liked it too, it was settled!

How can I learn about what’s going on with Skeeter Nut Free™?

Like us on Facebook and Follow us @SkeeterNutFree on Twitter to stay up to date with what we’re up to. You can also check our Events Page to find out what we’re up to in the community.

Where is Skeeter Snacks Located?

Skeeter Snacks is based in Jacksonville, FL and has offices in Westport, CT. Our snacks are made in nut-free facility in Upstate New York.

Do you plan to make more than cookies and grahams?

Cookies and grahams are just the beginning for Skeeter Nut Free™. We intend for Skeeter Nut Free™ to be a multi-category brand that symbolizes wholesome, great taste and nut-safety. With safety and inclusion at the core of our mission, we are continuously exploring opportunities in other snacking areas that are problematic for people, families, and groups dealing with nut allergies.