Skeeter Nut Free™ Scores an A+ During First School Year; Reaches 15 Million Student Servings

July 6, 2015 in

July 6, 2015, Jacksonville, Florida – Skeeter Snacks, the manufacturer of Skeeter Nut Free™ grahams and cookies, scored an A+ in its first year serving the education market.

Skeeter Nut Free™ is a new line of great-tasting, wholesome snacks made from natural ingredients and whole grains with no artificial preservatives, high fructose corn syrup or trans fats.  Skeeter Snacks products are an ideal solution for school food service directors looking to follow the trend toward healthier lifestyles and provide students with products that contain wholesome ingredients, are guaranteed nut free and offer a taste profile that students love.  All Skeeter Nut Free™ products are whole grain and meet the school nutrition program requirements for inclusion in school menus; further, the company’s three graham flavors — cinnamon, chocolate and honey — are Smart Snack compliant.

In the company’s first year in the education market, the Skeeter Nut Free™ brand was offered in schools districts across the country, from New York to Florida to Texas to California.  “We are pleased to see the school food service community embrace Skeeter Nut Free™ as a new option on its menus as the country trends towards healthier choices at mealtimes,” said Alix Keating, Director of School Programs.  “Students love the great taste and directors appreciate the high-quality ingredients, clean labels and versatility of our grahams which can be served with breakfast, lunch or as an after school snack at an affordable price point.”

In addition to the K-12 market, Skeeter Snacks also successfully entered the early childhood education market this past year with its fun, squirrel-shaped graham snacks. With the rate of food allergies on the rise, and most prevalent in young children, the Skeeter Nut Free™ brand helps early education groups keep their centers nut safe.  Skeeter Snacks is dedicated to continue creating clean-label products for children of all ages in hopes of encouraging lifelong, healthier habits.

“Skeeter Snacks delivered approximately 15 million servings in the education channel this past school year,” Keating continued.  “We look forward to growing next year and in the future and are proud of the role we can play in helping children develop wholesome and healthy eating habits now and in years to come.”

About Skeeter Snacks:

Skeeter Snacks was founded by two fathers of nut-allergic children frustrated by the lack of great-tasting, safe snacks for their families.  The company’s mission is to create foods that are readily available, loved by all and ensure safety and inclusion for people with nut allergies.  All Skeeter Nut Free™ products are made in a dedicated nut-free facility, with an audited nut-free supply chain and each production run is tested internally and by third parties before being released for distribution.  Skeeter Nut Free™ chocolate chip mini cookies are available as a complimentary offering in the JetBlue Airways snack basket, seen and enjoyed by millions of JetBlue passengers annually.  All Skeeter Nut Free™ products meet the nutritional requirements of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kid Act for inclusion in school nutrition programs as a whole grain and are served in schools across the country.  For more information, please visit www.skeeternutfree.com or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/skeetersnacks