Our products meet
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    National School Lunch Program

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    School Breakfast Program

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    After School Snack Program

  • Smart Snacks in School
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    Child and Adult Care Food Program

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    Summer Food Service Program

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    Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act

* Not all products meet the criteria. Please select a product to learn more.

Usage and Menuing

Schools across the country are using our versatile products in creative ways for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Select a product above to learn more about how you can use Skeeter Nut Free™ to balance meals and raise participation rates.

  • A single serving Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies pouch.
    A single serving Chocolate Grahams pouch.
    A single serving Honey Grahams pouch.
    A single serving Cinnamon Grahams pouch.
    A single serving Double Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies pouch.
    A single serving Shortbread Mini Cookies pouch.
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Contact Us

Whether you have a question about our snacks, have feedback and/or a product suggestion, or just want to learn more, send us a message. We’d love to hear from you!

Schools inquiries: (904) 730-8821 ext. 25 or Email Skeeter4Schools@skeetersnacks.com